Study App: Forest

Study App: Forest

Sometimes it’s hard to study *sigh* if we are being honest .We are constantly tempted to check WhatsApp messages ,social media or crush that candy crush level. But Thank God for this awesome app called Forest.

Forest is an app to help you stay focused and less distracted. It works for the student who just needs to complete an assignment,study for an exam or the fella that wants to finish a book the are reading. It also appeals to the Environment Lover  ( yay trees right!?) and it’s so easy to use.

Once you’ve downloaded it to your phone, you just have to open it up whenever you want to focus on a task

Set how long you want this session to last, tap the “plant” button, and you’ll see a countdown timer start ticking, beneath a cartoon picture of a small seedling. From then on it’s simple (we promise). Simply ignore your phone to allow the seedling to grow into a tree. Each completed session will add another plant to your long-term “forest”, and the cool part is that you can compete with your homies.

Screenshot of Forest App

Every-time you  open your phone to check the growth of your seedling, you’ll see messages like “Don’t look at me” and “leave me alone.” If you exit the app to check messages or use other apps, the plant will die *sad face*

The app is available for iOS and Android. Forest is free with a premium version available.

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