How To Quickly Get Over A Bad Day

How To Quickly Get Over A Bad Day

If we are being honest with each other, we all have bad days ?? but the good thing is that bad day’s don’t last.  They are days when my day is a bunch of bleeps and guac so I so get you, sis. So I am sharing a few things I have used to get over a bad day.

  1. Call someone 

There is always that one person that will brighten up your day. It could be your parents, childhood friend or your youth pastor, call them.  

2. Self-care 

There is nothing better after a rough day than treating yourself.  Have a spa night/day, complete with face masks and nail polish (must have). You deserve it after the day you’ve had, am I right?

3. Watch something funny 

Don’t watch sad clips rather opt for funny clips. Turn to feel-good TV Shows and movies to lift your spirits.

Remember: It’s just a bad day, not a bad life 

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