Think You Know How To Be A Grown Up? Take Our Quiz And Find Out

Think You Know How To Be A Grown Up? Take Our Quiz And Find Out

Take our quiz to find out if you are good at being a grown up.

Give yourself a point for everything you do well. Good luck! ( Remember this is just for fun)

  1. I help my parents by buying groceries
  2. I know where everything is (yep including my phone)
  3. I can actually do laundry
  4. I own a laundry bag (my clothes are not piled on a chair somewhere)
  5. I remove my clothes from the washing line before the sun goes to town on them
  6. I can iron (wrinkled clothes Nah)
  7. I can change a light bulb
  8. I have a sewing kit
  9. My phone skin is not cracked ( my ancestors rock!)
  10. I am always on time
  11. I pay my bills on time
  12. I drink water (believe it ma)
  13. I workout occasionally
  14. I have a savings account
  15. I have a pot/pots
  16. I have painkillers
  17. I know how to buy fresh vegetables/meat
  18. I know how to cook
  19. I keep up-to-date with current events
  20. I know what birth control is and what I want in bed
  21. I go to church because I want to
  22. I can decorate my babe cave without losing my mind
  23. I know when my body needs rest
  24. I take care of my mental health


19-24: You are a Grownup!

You have this adulting gig under control

14-18 : Kinda a Grownup

You have got other areas of your adult life sorted ,but you not yet a full fledged grownup and that’s okay.

9-13 : Forever Young

You live by the mantra “Forever Young” and you do you girl.

0-8 : Uhmmm Yikes

Live life at your own pace sis!

Don’t forget to comment below with your score! xxx

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