Best Tips Ever For The Tired

Best Tips Ever For The Tired


Nothing sucks than having to wake up at 5 am after having knocked out at 1 am all thanks to a binge marathon of Grey’s Anatomy or an assignment that kept you up (so disrespectful). Thanks to all our 99 problems we often find ourselves feeling very tired and sleepy throughout the day, and we end up yawning and spacing out. Next time you feeling tired and sleepy try these to get a little energy:

1.       Stretch

Please re-read, I didn’t say run a marathon *LOL *. A light stretch will do wonders for your body by getting the blood flowing to your muscles and waking you up.

2.    Hydrate

Argh, sometimes you forget to actually drink water (same); however, research shows that drinking water is also great for your brain as it increases your brain’s reaction time. Remember to drink cold water next time you are feeling tired.

3.      Listen to your favorite song

Who knew listening to your jam could give you energy?

4.       Chew mint-flavored gum:

Chewing gum helps you pay attention, so if you are feeling exhausted and sleepy, pop a piece of strong mint-flavored gum to wake you up and help you stay focused. Mints also work too.

Till next time xxx.

miss prowl

Just another sleep deprived university student cruising through with one-too-many cups of Rooibos Tea and a sense of humor

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