Is Your Zodiac Sign Affecting Your Spending?

Is Your Zodiac Sign Affecting Your Spending?

I wish I could blame my upbringing on my spending habits but I can’t because my mother was one of those cool parents that tried to instill cool spending habits. So when I found out that my zodiac sign could affect my money habits,I couldn’t wait to share it with you.


Shout out to my star sign *smile* When it comes to money, Aquarius knows how to balance spending and saving money. Because they are independent creatures, they like their financial freedom (come on now). They are also likely to give a lot because of their humanitarian nature but please return any money you borrow from them.


Pisces don’t place too much importance on money, though they are willing to set goals and save to achieve their dreams. We advise you to start reading books on how to save and stick to your budget.


Aries are known for having a risk-taking attitude thus they practice YOLO and spending money like there’s no tomorrow. That being said, Aries work just as hard as they spend, and when they want something, will do everything in their power to get it.


This is the most organized sign out there. All their bills are paid up but they like the finer things in life but we are not worried because the girl knows the importance of saving.


They are smart so they pretty much save their money but only to lose it on a random splurge *sigh *. Despite their spendings, they know how to save.


Those under the Cancer sign are known for being very emotional, which means they save hard and they damn well won’t forget who owes them money and how much.


Leos are extremely good with money management; they know all the money saving tricks but rest in the fact that they love to spoil their ones.


Virgos are not known for irrational spending, but they always have money on the side for emergencies *so not fair right?*.


Libras have a hard time making decisions, and thus they will think hard before they spend their savings.


Scorpios always try to save regularly, spend only on the essential items they know are necessary.


They are likely to save and spend their money traveling or trying out that new Chop Chop Shop.


Capricorns hate debt and borrowing money so they work hard to never experience either.

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