4 Types Of Friends Every Student Has

4 Types Of Friends Every Student Has

Nothing beats having someone that can relate to your struggles right!? But what if you have one friend that you call when all you need to do is whine about a lecturer, should you feel guilty? Heck no! These are the five friends every varsity student has.

  1. The friends From Class

These are the friends you trust to give you class notes, hang out with you during lunch break and share course hacks. They are also the only ones that understand just how crazy your course load is.

2. High School friends

These are the people you were inseparable with for the six years of high school and they are probably the only people in the world (LOL) that know how cool you were in high school.

3. Orientation Friends

Your friendship was too strong during orientation if we being honest but you keep in touch because you are just a nice human being who doesn’t want to burn bridges.

4. Your neighbors

Uhmm who doesn’t need someone to borrow salt from or just occasionally check up on you? Definetely not me.

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