5 Sibling Struggles You Can Relate To

5 Sibling Struggles You Can Relate To

For everyone who has siblings, be prepared to scream * same, same* throughout this short read (we promise you will be done reading in 5 minutes*). Here are the 6 things everyone who has a sibling can relate to.

  1. People saying you and your siblings have the same nose, but you don’t see it like come on

2. When your sibling borrows something of yours without asking..hmmm they are so disrespectful

3. When your sibling starts being nice to you out of nowhere … What do they want?

4. That moment when your sibling gets in trouble for something you did *evil laugh*

5. When your mom wants you to twin out so she gets you matching outfits

Which one did you relate most with?Comment below

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