How To Clean A Hairbrush Like A Pro

How To Clean A Hairbrush Like A Pro

Did you know that If you properly look after your hairbrush even if use it every day it can last you up to three years? Well, I am sharing an easy trick on how to take care of your hairbrush (you welcome).

So Grab your hairbrush, comb (preferably a tail comb of sorts, you know the ones with a pointed end), toothbrush (preferably one you don’t use), a small bucket, shampoo, and a cloth.

The Greatest Guide To Hair Brush Care?

Golden Rule

Remove hair from your brush every time you use it. Use your comb to remove hair that might be stuck in the hairbrush. Don’t forget to discard your hair.

Shampoo Your Hairbrush Like You Washing Your Hair
Once a month or so, shampoo your hairbrush to remove dirt, oil, and any built-up hair products.

Never soak your hairbrush in water sis, you are not doing laundry LOL

Dry Hairbrush Overnight
Place the clean, wet brush on a dry towel with the bristles facing down to dry overnight.

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