Actionable Ways To Make Your Feed Positive

Actionable Ways To Make Your Feed Positive

Admit it. Seeing negative stuff on social media can be exhausting. It’s time to spring clean our closets (you heard me ) and the toxic people in our lives who need to go. It’s finally time to see pictures of cute puppies on our Instagram’s and positive tweets right girls!? Here are 5 ways guaranteed to give you an enjoyable experience on social media:

  1. Unfriend/ Unfollow Negative People

Fed up with their negative posts and vibe? Hit that unfollow button. You do not owe anyone an explanation sis.

2. Block Them

Your mental health matters so you don’t have to tolerate toxic people because you are nice sis. Block them and keep it moving. If they hurt you once, they’re bound to do it again, and you don’t need that drama

3. You don’t have to accept every request

If you don’t know them you are allowed to ignore their friend/follow request. Once you unfollow them and they request to be friends with you again just ignore because you can.

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