Think You Ready To Date?

Think You Ready To Date?

I am a hopeless romantic. I am just crazy about LOVE. Who doesn’t fancy the hand holding, the kisses …the whole butterflies in the tummy kinda vibe. I get it, I am a postcard for romantics everywhere and can I get the main role in a Hallmark movie? But as much as I love LOVE, breakups suck and moving on can be hard (so hard). How do you know you ready for a relationship? Well don’t cry I am breaking it down for you as from experience (please don’t judge me!)

You’re still stuck on your ex.

If your mascara is still running every time someone mentions Tonde, then it’s highly likely you haven’t dealt with the breakup. Girl let’s be real, fixating on what you were ain’t going to bring him back and neither is stalking him on IG. You ain’t ready for Sam if you still stuck in the past sis.

You are just bored

I have been there when boredom seems to be winning and you are four-five seconds away from losing your cool. Getting into a relationship because you are bored (read a book!) is a bad idea. If you are pursuing a relationship because you are bored with your life you need to take a step back and get real with yourself.

You feel like you need to be IG official because, um, everyone is?

Dang Instagram why you got to show me lovey-dovey couples on my feed *crying moji* . It’s easy to feel like you’re the only person in the whole world without a bae on social media. But you are not alone (trust us, sis). If you want to bae up because you want someone to post about on #ManCrushMonday, #WomanCrushWednesday, or #ThirstyThursday, then girl you need to remind yourself about what truly matters. Love yourself first and your Instagrammable bae pic will come through sizzling hot.

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