Warning: 3 Things You Should Never Include In A Work Email

Writing emails at work is probably something we all do even if it’s a business email or low-key roast on a coworker we are sending emails. You probably thinking that on emoji is totally acceptable and GIFs are a sign of Gen Z uhmmm NOPE! They are some basic rules to work emails and lucky for you, we are sharing them with you.

Don’t use shorthand

Can we blame our friends for this though? Just Checking! I have a shorthand problem and my mother is not amused. If I am being honest your boss probably isn’t writing you emails that say, “HEY, CAN I HAVE THAT DOC RN”, so you shouldn’t either.

Don’t experiment with emoji’s

Your boss is not your homie so fight the temptation to use emojis.

Don’t spread gossip

We all enjoy a good story (who doesn’t like a little gossip) but reserve the gossip for lunch break or never.

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