3 Date Ideas For The Broke But In Love Couple

3 Date Ideas For The Broke But In Love Couple

Love doesn’t have to cost a thing, sis. It’s not every day that we racking in money and splurging on fancy dinners. They are days when we are so broke that we start freaking out that someone is going to charge us for just breathing. So I am sharing 3 Date Ideas (I have so tried them all) that you might enjoy with your so.

  1. Make a meal together

Sometimes the best chef in town is the one you are cuddling with on midsummer nights. Why spend money on lunch/dinner when you can kiss the cook and have fun with each other?

2. Play to win with a laid back game day/game night

Ignite a little friendly competition with a game day/night for two. There are so many games you can play and who cares if you change the rules to suit yourself.

3. Take a hike

There is a hiking place where you are! Hiking lets you enjoy nature and each other’s company at the same time. Don’t forget to carry your water, snacks, and phone for those Instagram worthy pictures.

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