Winter Skin Tips

Winter Skin Tips

Winter is here Prowlers. And we cannot deny the fact that we are about to say bye bye to our glowing skin *sob *. But we are sharing a few hacks to get through the coldest months just fine.

Stay Hydrated

Ayy I’m not just referring to drinking water ( do drink your water though). I am talking about your skin at the moment. Try to moisturize as soon as possible after taking a bath for maximum absorption. Always keep your lip balm on you to keep those lips from getting chapped, too (nobody finds chapped lips attractive)

Ditch the hot water

I can so relate please don’t kill me. That winter morning isn’t always so kind and all you want is a hot shower (am I right!?). But how about a warm one instead? Super hot showers dehydrate skin and trigger conditions like eczema and rosacea. The same goes for overheating your room. Try cutting back on the hot showers (you know those intense ones)

Stay cozy and stay slaying, ladies!

What are your best winter skincare tips? Mention yours in the comments below.

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