How To Self Care During Exams In 5 Easy Steps

How To Self Care During Exams In 5 Easy Steps

The late nights of studying for exams and trying to cram a whole semester in a week are officially upon us. While you are cramming (and freaking out) don’t forget to take time out and take care of yourself. Here are 9 easy self-care tips to help get you through.

  1. Take a study break.  Not only is this healthy but it will help you stop freaking out for a bit. Don’t study another subject during your break rather watch a funny youtube clip.
  2. Snack healthy. Don’t forget to snack! Healthy snacks can be yum too.
  3. Do a quick workout. Your muscles will thank you for a two-minute workout I promise.
  4. Go outside. Go take a walk outside or stand in the sun and let the wind make love to your ears *sigh*
  5. Get a good night sleep. Not only is napping ah-mazing, but studies have shown that you will do better on your exams.

You got this sis! Good luck on your exams!

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