#MentalHealthMonday| 5 Ways To Self-Care

#MentalHealthMonday| 5 Ways To Self-Care

Self-care is not selfish. (Louder for the people in the back. ??). Self-care isn’t always doing yoga or meditating (like 5 hours a day). There are so many ways to practice self-care, so here are just a few ideas you might not have thought to do yourself.

  1. Talk to a loved one on the phone
    This works a lot and you can actually feel better afterward. Trust me when I say mum knows best.

2. Be Active

Work-out even for 5 minutes a day. Yoga is a common form of self-care for people, but an intense workout, such as kickboxing, is equally as soothing.

3. Invite friends over for a mini brunch
Simply inviting a few friends over for some wine, a funny movie, and pizza can suffice is an amazing (and yummy ) form of self-care.

4. Make a DIY face mask
Masking is obviously a very common self-care activity, but try making the mask out of only items in your kitchen. Not only do you get to relax while you make the mask, but the time you spend making it is a good way to focus your brain on something else.

5. Do Something Creative

Whether it’s painting or writing let your imagination go wild

We want to know — how do you practice self-care?

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