#WorkWednesday| Email Mistakes We All Make

#WorkWednesday| Email Mistakes We All Make

Nothing sucks than sending an email to the wrong person *cringe* or writing in shorthand especially to your boss*hide me already* . We all mistakes (because we are human hello) so don’t be too hard on yourself. Here are the common email mistakes that people make:

  1. Not having a clear concise subject line

While you might be in the habit of sending emails with no subject line or informal ones to your homies because you don’t want to be that person that has a subject line” Office Gossip strikes again”, make sure that when you’re sending an important email that the subject line gives them a look into the contents — it must be clear .

2. Using your personal email address

You are at work so please make sure you use your work email address when you are at work and it’s a work-related email.

3. Using a lot of emojis

Why are you even using emojis in the workplace? I get it,some workplaces use emojis but 50 emojis is pushing it.

4. Follow-up vs. follow up

Follow-up is a noun and adjective. Hyphenate when used before a noun. For example “I sent her a follow-up email”

Follow up is a verb.

I contacted the human resource manager to see if I could follow up.

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