A Naturalista’s Guide To Natural Hair Care In Winter

A Naturalista’s Guide To Natural Hair Care In Winter

This is for every natural-hair-rocking soul sister out there, here are some natural hair tips to help you take care of your crown this winter.

Rock protective styles. 

Winter is NOT the time to rock your bun to die for everyday sis. Wind and cold/dry air suck moisture out of your hair, leaving it brittle, weaker, and more prone to breakage. Girl protect your hair by rocking your natural crown in various styles, from stylish braids to fancy cornrows.

You can never deep condition a lot

Deep conditioners give your hair exactly what it needs during the winter, penetrating every strand with moisture and nutrients.

Wear a Hat.

 Hats are cute in general and they can be worn over styles like twists to look acceptable to the public eye. However, watch out for knitted hats and scarves as they can easily get tangled in your hair and cause impromptu trimmage. Wear a satin or silk headwrap underneath your wool beanie for protection.

What other hair tips do you want to share with your sisters?


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