Fun Winter Date Ideas

Fun Winter Date Ideas

Winter is still here in case you kinda forgot about it and let’s just say we are not complaining about the endless cuddles it brings with it. Although we wish we could stay in bed all day with bae *sigh* it does get a little more routine. Here are fun date ideas you should try out (you are welcome!)

Play Board Games

It can just be the two of you facing off at a game of Monopoly (how hot is that ?) or you can invite another of your favorite couple (did we hear double date?)for game night

Puzzles are still Fun
Who doesn’t enjoy a good puzzle? FYI, they can be themed think Sherlock Holmes. We should probably warn you that puzzles can either bring out the best in people or the worst. Consider yourself warned.

Cook Together
Eating out is getting costly (or it’s just me) so why not save a buck and get the ultimate satisfaction of making a totally delicious meal/ gross meal together. If your bae is hopeless do make them cut their onions LOL (no pain no gain) . Don’t forget to do all that cheesy but cute stuff they do in the movies, like feeding each other and doing dishes together (good luck on that)

Cheers to winter-loving ?

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