Free Advice from Lisa Nyamurowa…

Free Advice from Lisa Nyamurowa…

So last week I was reading up on Lashana Lynch, of the Captain Marvel fame who has been tapped to be the next Bond. Yes, she, a female and yes, the next #007. Not only is she going to be the first black person to be selected for the role, she is also the first female Bond! Awesome right? Which led to a whole discussion about gender conformity, pushing of the female agenda and feminism, the whole she-bang. Yes, the pun was intended-get it? I also learnt that during the month of August (Women’s month in South Africa. A whole historical chapter about how women marched to the Union Buildings to get their rights- go get your womens rights girl. Feminism? Pushing the female agenda? Or just plain heroism? Food for thought.

Initially, when I started working on this piece, I envisioned a whole black girl magic type of speech- a dashing review of my sheroes. To be honest, I wanted to title it My top 5 women in showbiz. It would probably have been great but then I would reserve a whole chapter to Ammara Brown and as much as I adore her, that would not be fair, right? Looking back at the title continuously, it hit me. Entertainment issue. I shall elaborate with an anecdote.

As far back as she can remember, my best friend knows and will tell you one important aspect about me. I have always wanted to be famous for no particular reason. Why should talent only determine whether I can be in peoples faces or not? How did the Kardashians do it? A favourite of mine by the way. I am pretty sure we are a growing minority and if this was America, we would be advocating for our own safe spaces too. So who better than yours truly to help you out with a few tips on: How to be a celebrity in your own right.
Have a shot of fluid character
Celebrities are either the mysterious people we want to know and be a part of. Or they are the outgoing, vibrant, easy-going people who everyone cannot help but notice. It is up to you to determine your personality approach. Your approach will lead you to decide about the next part of the execution.
The flower power of social media- bloom!

Popular people gain a following from good quality pictures and effortless effort in their social media profiles. Take a look at your Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. Does it scream celebrity style? Your entourage must have that one person who takes good photographs- you can even go for a professional photo-shoot. Effortless effort right? Oh, and ditch the filters. While you at it, drop the flowers on the head and dog-ears too. Celebrity status is sophisticated.
No matter how you feel, show up and show out.
We have established the need for a strong social media presence. Which means everywhere we go is an opportunity to exude celebrity. So dress up and dress the part. You may never know who recognises you. We do not want to look a hot mess when a fan asks for a selfie with you. Your style sense is a weapon and sure fire way to celebrity. Use it. With your fluid character, you will always have people around you- and they will always take pictures with you. While you are at it, pick your signature piece- hats, sunglasses. Jewellery, you name it.
Dress to feel good, no matter where you are going. Sunglasses are a good place to start. Have a private diary!

A lunch date with friends is the best way to practise your star quality. Not only do you have great pictures, you also get to dress up, feel good and be enticing. Everyone will want to be part of your clique. A private diary makes you look like you have a special air about you. Now everyone will want to know you and what you are about. And voila- you are a celebrity darling. Bonang Matheba anyone?

Ride the mystery wave.
Mystery is often equated to intrigue. And everyone wants to know intriguing people.
Mystery is relative however, to your personality approach.
Links do not hurt
Know several people who can get you into social events. You do not need to go to all of them, just the relevant ones. There is nothing like an actual celebrity or two greeting you in public to up your star quality status. And let us not get into what it would do to your social media to have several pictures with actual celebrities.
A little gossip is good for the soul
When you have successfully gone through steps 1 to 6 you may find yourself vulnerable to tabloids. It is important to remember that a little gossip has never hurt anybody. After all, we all do love to read about our favourite stars and what they have entangled themselves into. The real star power is going past all the talk with you head held high, sunglasses on face and a striking pose for the accompanying picture.

Finally, if you have read this article this far then it is evident that you want to be a celebrity really badly. So go right ahead and be one! Social media has made it really easy to be well-known nowadays. We are a digital generation living in a global village. The difficult part is to find your niche. Discover your talent-or lack thereof! – and run with it. The most important part is to have fun with it and keep in check so that these ideas do not take over your whole life and health. Hey, and if all the suggestions in this article don’t work out, you can always be the Kim Kardashian in your family. They will appreciate the drama and the dazzle. Here’s to the next Bond movie and to all the women reading this- you have star power!

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