A compilation by Patience T. Mutsetse

If you are that woman who is independent and feel that she can break the second glass ceiling. This is a must watch movie. Taraji P. Henson’s fans would really extremely the craft in this movie. Together with her two friends she reassured all women that against all odds you can break all societal limitations and take lead in a male dominated industry. Female is nothing beyond biology.

I understand that many people always go in circles when it comes to comprehending the story line of this movie. But what moved me the most is how Taraji got to capture a perfect picture in motion of our daily experiences as girlfriends, daughters, wives and sisters. It revealed a very objective perspective that is gaining attention in the 21st century, mental health. Women can be consumed by hurt, unmet needs & expectations, disappointments and bitterness which can totally shut their hearts and destroy their hopes. Despite all this it is okay to accept that one is not okay and she needs some counselling or therapy to go through the realities of life.

If you are looking for a reflecting mirror of you and your girls you can go for this particular movie. Despite our busy schedules it is a form of therapy to get rest, go on holiday and get to rekindle our sisterhood as the story retells. Regina Hall stares as that friend who is calm and warm, she hates arguments and quarrels. Jada Pinkett Smith is the kind of friend who is mature, she holds you together, make you overlook your differences and maintain a happy friendship. Queen Latifah is the bold personality, who speaks her mind and never gives a damn about anything. Tiffany Hadish perfectly portrays the image of your crazy friend, the drama queen who can get you in trouble all the time but she can go against all odds to fight for you.

When we talk about Black women excellence, Black Panther is the real deal. Lupita Nyong’o and her best friend Danai Gurira showcase the girl power. It entails the idea of embracing our true African beauty as the Queens of Wakanda. It gives detail on the fact that besides every daring man there is a beauty with brains kind of woman who does all thinking and always put her facts right. The two ladies are an inspiration to women in politics as well. It is one of the few movies that views women as more than side dishes.

The movie never gets old on how it explains the daily struggles of young widows in an African setting. Jessesi Mungoshi as Neria goes through the struggle of being labelled a witch who killed his husband, being forced into marrying his husbands brother and being robbed of her property. The issue of property rights in regards to women is still a major cause for concern in the 21st century.

Regina Hall as Trista and her two friends make marriage the centre of their universe after attending their friends wedding. With the need to get wedded within a year they go through unhealthy relationships. But in the end Trista accept that her life does not revolve around marriage. It is possible to live a fulfilled and happy life without entirely depending on a man. If you deeply cherish and love yourself, true love will surely find its way to your doorstep. The movie gives answers to societal biased view about unmarried career women.

Women of faith this is the movie that can spiritually uplift you and your prayer life. Heartfelt prayer and declarations can surely bring together the broken pieces of your life. Priscilla Shirer casting as Elizabeth fights for her marriage on her knees. Like a Proverbs 31 woman who is virtuous she refused to be consumed by anger of life and she built her home on the rock who is Jesus.

To the girl who feels like giving up on her dreams, this serves as your motivation for the day. Despite her crocked background Phiona made it to the top and broke the chains of poverty by graciously following her dream of being the best chess player. Nothing can stand in the way of passion combined with determination and hard work.

If you are living in an egg shell socially constructed by people, go for this one. After living her life in the shadow, Sanaa Lathan leading the role of Violet Jones chooses to break away from being her mothers idol. She takes a bold step to embrace her true self. She embarks on a journey of self discovery which frees her from maintaining a stressful life which came with covering up her insecurities daily.

I recommend this movie for you and your girlfriends. You can grab your pop corn and get to see how friendship can surpass family and become sisterhood. Nandi and her three friends confided in each other as sisters through their ups and downs. Im so excited about the movie because it brings out strong, successful, goal oriented, educated career women. It by passed the portrayal of women as weaker vessels whose lives tend to belong in the kitchen.