This is Prowl!

As the Prowl team, we are so excited to have our website not only back online, but with a fresh makeover! We thought this was the perfect time to rebrand and bring a fresh new look to PROWL in light of the heaviness of what’s going on in the world. We are bringing you some love, light and colour to brighten each and every day with all the content we have in store for you.

So what does our new logo represent?
Red for Excitement- boy are we excited! The prowl team is full of enthusiastic young people that are excited about women, life, Africa and issues that surround young African women and we want to bring that excitement to you.
Blue for Earth and Water- we live on this earth and depend on it for many things and we have made it an objective to preserve and protect it as we have done so with so many other things in history due to our nurturing and caring nature as women.
Pink for her world- we just loved our original pink lady from our previous logo, we just had to keep her. Who said you can’t be cute, sassy and a boss lady all-in-one? You determine what you want your world as a boss and queen to look like.
Brown for Literature and Creativity- African literature is soulful and unique and our art just goes to show how creative we are as Africans and we see this being shown by some strong African women through literature, art, music and fashion. We should explore our creativity openly and without shame.
Yellow for Independent – yellow is just one of those colours that stands out doesn’t it? So does being independent and we believe every woman should be independent and have a voice.

To launch our rebranded website, we are dropping our WILD CARD digital magazine issue and we will spend July looking at some COVID-19 related issues in our “Rona Series”. Don’t worry, nothing too hectic. But like we said, we want to spread some love, light and colour. We want to be here for you and bring some hope, encouragement, tips and a sisterly hug because we are all in this together. So breathe girl. Your uncensored BFF got you! Keep an eye on our website this July for sister Rona.

This is prowl, a sassy African women’s magazine with its African sisters at heart and we hope you join us as we forge through a new era. Stay tuned for some interesting, captivating, inspiring, exclusive, topical and informative content that will keep you on your toes and have you pressing that share button.

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