Who is SHE?

Who is SHE?

Who is SHE? SHE is strong, fierce and fearless. SHE is bold, confident and a go-getter. SHE is a bossbabe, a leader and a revolutionist. SHE is beautiful on the inside and out. SHE is young, female and just trying to adult like everyone else. SHE is a SHEro, a female hero without a cape. SHE is her. And SHE is you.

This women’s month, we have decided to pay tribute to young women that are changing the game in their fields, are inspiring through their work and breaking the glass ceiling. Their stories are not some far-fetched story, but real-life stories of your everyday young African women that are just like you and me that will motivate all of us to do the best we can in our fields and even be game changers. They all come from different backgrounds and have different stories to tell, but one thing they have in common is that they persevered and looked fear straight in the eye and went after what they wanted and we all can too. They show us that the sky is the limit despite our circumstances, background, ethnicity and status.

Here’s to “SHE” who dares to pursue.
                 “SHE” who insists on being strong!
                  Even when strong changes its looks!
Here’s to “SHE”
                  Who “SHE” was, is and is working to be!

As we go through this series, we hope you will be inspired to get up and be a SHEro in whatever way you can. We can all be SHEros, there’s room for us all! Let’s celebrate and encourage each other in the different spheres we are in. Wear your crown, pat yourself on the back and shower yourself with self-love and self-care this month. Stay tuned to hear our SHEros stories and have a fabulous women’s month queens!

By Adelaide (@captainesstreats)

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