#SHE: Natalie Katelynn

#SHE: Natalie Katelynn

I feel powerful: when I finally accomplish a goal, when I complete ALL my tasks for the day and tick off my to-do lists.
Icons/who inspires me: my mother and late grandmother (Joyce Mwazha)
Best advice ever received: “You can do anything you fully set your mind to. Clear your distractions and remember that Christ strengthens you”
Happy place: In the operating theatre
Motto: “No one is me and that’s my power — own race, own lane, own pace.”
Most used app: YouTube and Medscape
IG handle: @thestylishmed

What do you do and what was the journey to get here?
I just graduated from medical school and I will be working as a doctor soon. I’m passionate about productivity and mindful living so my content on social media is centred around that — my 4am Morning routine video just passed 500k views on YouTube the other day. I recently launched my new project — Flourish, my planner line. As a person who’s busy 100% of the time, it’s absolutely critical that I maintain an organised and balanced schedule. My planners and trackers help me do that and I’m happy to be able to create planners that can do the same for others who need organisation and productivity in their lives. I also run a media agency with a partner, where we do websites, videography, photography, graphic design, like logos and branding as well as social media and digital marketing.

Throughout my med school journey, I was very involved in extra-curricular activities, student associations and other competitions etc. I always get questions on how and why I would also be able to do so much outside of medicine. I feel like people tend to put doctors and other healthcare professionals on a really high pedestal and forget that we are people too. People who have hobbies, passions and other goals outside of medicine — mine happen to be entrepreneurship, content creation and self-development in general.

I started my YouTube channel in my fourth year of medical school and it grew quite slowly right until my final year when I reached 10 000 Subscribers. I used to share my tips and tricks on how to do well in medicine because it’s no secret how challenging life can get in med school, as well as productivity habits and some lifestyle content here and there.

I strongly believe people are capable of achieving their business/professional/personal goals AND “living their best lives” but it depends on how productive and organised they are. This is how my planners came to being. They’re essentially a personalised life calendar where you can plan your days, weeks, months and years — from your daily meetings, to your skincare, fitness, mental health, side hustle plans and more.

It’s definitely been a roller coaster ride for me (and I’m always saying this). I’ve had many good and bad moments. I had to relocate three times, I literally escaped a war and survived a pandemic, all while trying to get my degree. I lost my greatest fan and support system in my third year and a whole lot of other things happened too. Some of my good moments include being awarded 7 scholarships in medical school, being titled a Top 10 student, growing on YouTube and being able to have a business I can call my own.

How would you define A true African woman?
To me, a true African woman is a woman who defies all barriers and breaks all ancestral, constitutional and cultural chains set in place to limit who she truly can be. An African woman is powerful and capable of changing the world. She is true to herself and is unapologetic about her power in this world. She conquers all challenges thrown her way and uses the stones in her path to build an empire.

What inspires you?
The fear of failure (LOL). According to my family, I’ve always been a high-achiever and used to cry inconsolably when I didn’t achieve what I wanted when I was younger. I see this now in some aspects of my life, but I’ve learned that failure can be a good lesson sometimes. I’m no longer scared of doing or starting certain things because I might fail — instead, I’m actually more motivated to do the greatest things because I know if I fail at that, I’ll definitely land on something great. “Aim for the stars and if you miss you’ll still land in the sky somewhere.”
In terms of people, my mother is my inspiration. She’s constantly had great challenges thrown her way and has had to sacrifice a lot for my siblings and I, but she still stands tall and wins at life. I find that truly admirable.

What is your end game and how do you think your efforts change the game or make a difference?
I want to run my own medical practice one day and eventually a women’s centre that provides the best care for women from all walks of life. I want healthcare to be accessible to even those that never imagined it possible. I feel like I’ve definitely helped some people to see that they are more than just their situations and circumstances through the content I share. We face challenges yes, BUT we are not our challenges. With the right mindset, we can achieve a lot. When I changed my name to TheStylishMed I had a vision in mind. TheStylishMed is more than just a name for me. My end game is to build an empire that speaks for itself. I’m a firm believer in not preempting one’s plans and I have already started working on some of the ideas I had. You’ll have to stay tuned to see what’s coming!

Have you ever struggled with feeling the need to reach unrealistic expectations of perfection or making it? If yes, do you have a way to move past those feelings?
YES!!!! I tend to be such a perfectionist at times and it’s one thing about myself that I really hate. I sometimes do way too much in terms of envisioning and planning how I want things to be and obviously things don’t always go as planned so when they don’t, I get really upset. I had my perfect 2020 planned out. I was going to graduate and I’d already picked out my three graduation outfits and hairstyles. Along came a pandemic and I had my degree sent via DHL (big LOL). If life has taught me anything, it’s that things don’t always go according to plan. However, that doesn’t mean that we can go about from day to day going wherever the wind blows. I’ve had to set plans, be productive but leave a little room for disappointment, stop waiting for things to be perfect before I launch a project etc. What’s not perfect to you might be the most perfect thing to someone else.

If we could walk a day in your shoes, what is one thing you would say to encourage us to take on a typical day in your life?
Expect nothing, be prepared for everything! Why? — in medicine the days are never the same. Make sure you eat your breakfast because you could spend the whole day answering the phone, or you could spend 10 hours on your feet in the operating theatre.

Any last words of advice to the African woman?
Don’t forget your culture but remember who YOU are. You are a powerhouse and are capable of greatness, but your culture makes you unique and different from the next female. Stop apologising for not conforming to past norms. Own who you are, own your strengths and weaknesses. Use your moments of weakness and past experiences to strengthen you and fuel your drive to success.

By Adelaide (@captainesstreats)

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