#SHE- Dear Women

#SHE- Dear Women

Dear women
You are bruised not broken
You are broken not torn apart
Your pain does not define
Embrace those cracks, because
Out of the ashes, you sprout like lilies in the forest

Proverbs 31 women you are, virtuous and incredibly beautiful
Blessed is the generation that is nurtured by your hands
The purity of your love is more than what Songs of Solomon can comprehend
Your strength cannot be celebrated by a single poem, a 100 paged book or a 2hour movie
You are fabulous, bold, creative, confident, smart, sensible, the list goes on

Mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, friends,
All these titles show the intensity of your roles
The roles that you graciously perform with pride and ownership
You perfectly perfect everyone’s impressions
Because of your nurturing love and care

The corporate world would have been a dead and silent world without the click of your heels
Humanity could have only been a bedtime story if it were not for the amplification of your voices
Your laughter blows life into our miserable worlds
Your smile spreads love like the kisses of a butterfly
Cheers to womanhood and femininity

By Patience 

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