#SHE: Kudakwashe Gweredza

#SHE: Kudakwashe Gweredza

I feel powerful when: Immediately after I pray. I feel at peace and I feel strong when I have just been in the presence of God, like I can conquer anything, I can do anything, no problem is too big “I’ve got this” type of feeling.
Icons/ who inspires you: Definitely my mother. She has worked and continues to work incredibly hard to take care of us and give us the greatest life with no complaints even when you can clearly see it’s taking a toll on her. She is my biggest hype man and she goes out of her way to make sure that whatever I set my mind to I achieve. Caroline Machiveyi Gweredza you are my hero Mum.
Best advice I have ever received: You are enough. When you focus on being grateful for all that you have and all that you are, you won’t have time to envy someone else. Do not look at someone else’s life and want to be them, look like them or have what they have. We need YOU in this world and if you are too busy being someone else, who is going to be you. So, run your own race, stay in your lane and focus on being better than you were yesterday.
Happy Place: In bed, electric blanket on, with a great bottle of wine, a police/detective show and an assortment of snacks including but not limited to sushi, hot wings, crispy fries, pizza extra pineapples and chocolate biscuits (do not judge me lol)
Motto: My top 3 motivating sayings are ‘If God is for me who can be against me’, ‘All things (good and bad) are working together for my good’ and ‘I seek progression and not perfection’
Most used app: Whatsapp (does this still count as an app?), Instagram and Twitter are tied for top place for sure.
IG handle: @kookxg (personal) & @kgcateringandeventz (business)

What do you do and what was the journey to get here?
I am a practicing lawyer in Harare. I am blessed to work at one of the top firms in the country. I knew I was going to be a lawyer when I first watched the movie Legally Blonde when I was about 11 years old and I thought “yep this is it” and I never looked back from that. Legally Blonde is still by far one of the best movies I have ever watched. I studied at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, where I attained a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Sociology and a Bachelor of Laws.

My legal journey has been an interesting ride. Since that day when I was 11, I never thought of doing anything else so I always focused on law. I did not really know any lawyers so my understanding of what law was was based on movies and series. Then I get to university and I started learning law and I started to second guess myself. I started wishing I had been more open to other career options. Thankfully, I had the opportunity to simultaneously study another degree whilst studying Law. That at least allowed me to see what else is out there and to open my mind up a little. Honestly speaking, I cannot picture myself doing anything other than law as a profession and it has been very fulfilling. Learning and practicing law has really taught me how to think, to analyse, to be critical, to not take anything for granted, to spin up stories, find my way out of sticky situations, etc., all transferable skills that I now use in other areas of my life.

I am also the founder of KG Catering and Events and we specialise in catering for individuals, any type of event, corporate functions, church functions, whatever needs food we will cater for including daily lunch meals. When I got diagnosed with Lupus what I ate became incredibly important. I need to always be aware and cautious of the food that I eat to manage the inflammation and pain that I feel as well as for strength. I must consistently eat certain foods that will help me conversely I must stay away from certain foods that will increase the inflammation and make me feel weak. So I have had to do a lot of research and study super foods and ways to cook food that will maximize the intake of nutrients.

At Kg Catering & Events, all our food is made fresh on the day of delivery and customized for each client. We ensure that we use the best ingredients, we use cooking methods that will maximize on the nutrients and we are big on using fresh herbs and spices. A samosa is not just a samosa with us, it is an experience. We pack all our food with layers of goodness. What you eat determines how strong you are, how focused you are, how efficient you are and how effective you are. Our food is aimed at empowering you to be your best self at all times.

Lastly, I am involved in charity work as an individual and I have also partnered with various organizations from time to time. I am extremely passionate about people who live and work in the streets and each year I organize a food and clothing drive and go around the town distributing what I have collected. I am also passionate about doing my part to empower young girls so that they feel powerful and unstoppable. I have began to do Sanitary Wear Drives to make sure that girls do not have to pause their lives when they are on their menstrual cycle and can continue to go to school, work and so on. I hope to continue the work that I have started on a greater scale in the near future because I know how important this work is.

How would you define a true African woman?
A woman that is fearless. She embodies beauty, intellect, strength, passion, empathy and love. African women are beautiful, that glowing melanin skin is unmatched. Our bodies were moulded by God’s hands personally. But we are so much more than our looks. We are intelligent. We are resourceful. We are strong and resilient. We have carried the world on our backs for centuries. We risk it all for our loved ones. We love hard, we work harder, unlimited by our circumstances. African women are the strongest and most intelligent of all humans and once we truly embrace who we really are, we are unstoppable.

What inspires you?
African women who sacrifice themselves daily for their families and for their dreams. When women get up in the morning and find the strength to chase their dreams, hustle hard, put food on the table, love their children; that is so inspiring because Black Women are beyond amazing. We are super heroes. I refuse to let the African women that have fought for me and paved the way for me to be who I am down. I also need to do my part to pave the way for those coming after me.

What is your end game and how do you think your efforts change the game or make a difference?
I want people to feel like God is hugging them through me. I do work that makes people feel loved, seen and heard.

Have you ever struggled with feeling the need to reach unrealistic expectations of perfection or making it? If yes, do you have a way to move past those feelings?
Daily. You see people half your age on Social Media (rolls eyes) who are buying houses and cars and travelling and looking really good and it’s so easy to feel like you are lagging behind and doing nothing with your life. But again, God knows the plans he has for me and his plans are far more superior than what I can ever dream of for myself. I will be too busy wishing I could visit an island when God wants me to own several islands of my own. So I remind myself to stick to my lane and be grateful for where I am and what I have. There is someone out there who wishes they had what I have.

If we could walk a day in your shoes, what is one thing you would say to encourage us to take on a typical day in your life?
Pray first. Before doing anything pray first. You are about to eat pray, you are about to work, pray. You are about to make a phone call, pray. Pray, pray, pray.

Any last words of advice to the African woman?
Sis, you are unique. No one else can do what you do. No one else can be you. So go be the best YOU, that you can be and do not let anything stop you. You are enough and you have everything you need on the inside of you to have the life that you want and to be everything that you want to be. Be fierce and fearless in your pursuit of self.

By Adelaide (@captainesstreats)

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