#SHE: Tendai Bbosa

#SHE: Tendai Bbosa

I feel powerful when: I know I have made a difference.
Icons/ who inspires you: My late grandmother and my mother.
Best advice I have ever received: Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it.
Happy Place: Talking, imitating different accents and pretending I have finally started my own talk show.
Motto: Healthy gut healthy brain, healthy brain healthy hormones, healthy hormones total control of your body.
Most used app: Instagram
IG handle: @tendiebabe

What do you do and what was the journey to get here?
I am a Pharmacist by profession but I currently work as a consultant pharmacist. Working in a hospital pharmacy ended up being so depressing and I kept feeling like I wanted more. I wanted to make a huge difference other than the difference that was prescribed for me. I wanted to be able to help at a personal level, but I was afraid to start. I watched my late grandmother deteriorate due to diabetes and I was not equipped enough to help her. I knew how to give her the medicine and when but did not understand the depth of helping her heal. Now my mom is also diabetic and last year I was found to be insulin resistant (quarter to diabetes as I call it) and this is where I decided it stops with me. I will not pass on what I can change to the next generation. This is where I began to learn that to treat a human being is more than just giving them medicine. A holistic approach is needed.

I made some lifestyle changes and studied more on diseases affecting women, especially reproductive diseases and how to prevent and heal them. As I was going through my healing journey, I started taking fellow women with me and helping them heal too. Thealthbae started in February 2020. Thealthbae, is a 3 in 1; First the workouts that will help you manage and/or heal your disease (not all workouts work for everyone), then there is the teaching side where I educate women to know and understand the reproductive diseases that affect them and the medicines, natural medicine, supplements and NUTRITION that helps them manage and or heal the diseases. (I used to host lives on Instagram and occasionally host webinars on Zoom). Lastly, I work with women one on one because each woman needs a bespoke approach as diseases and/or how weight affects our bodies differently. This is more intense and allows me to also point you in the right direction especially when it comes to specialists. For it to be a holistic approach a multi-disciplinary team is needed.

How would you define A true African woman?
A true African woman is everything. She’s beautiful, smart, and bold and her strength is drawn from within. She is not defined by any narratives and though silenced before, you still find us rising. A true African woman stands out from the rest and is out here changing the world one person at a time.

What inspires you?
Helping women to understand and manage their diseases and to not be afraid to speak out. Imagine waking up to a text message that says “Tendie all my life I have struggled with endometriosis and always had so much pain. Today I’m on my period and nothing hurts, I had to pinch myself to see if I’m not dreaming. Thank you so much. May God bless you”. Waking up to that gives me life and more energy, knowing that I managed to help another woman stop suffering. I always wish I knew then what I know now and would have been able to help my late grandmother.

What is your end game and how do you think your efforts change the game or make a difference?
To have a global impact and teach women more about their bodies and the reproductive diseases that affect them. I want to have a foundation that helps migrant women who cannot afford healthcare and still suffer with undiagnosed reproductive health issues. (It is not always easy being in a foreign land and not affording the extra healthcare that requires specialist doctors)- Thealthbae foundation.

Have you ever struggled with feeling the need to reach unrealistic expectations of perfection or making it? If yes, do you have a way to move past those feelings?
Oh definitely, girl have you seen people on Instagram. They ooze with perfection and that is what people follow. At times I feel the pressure to make sure my posts are perfect and synchronised and I also second guess myself a lot. I end up being so overwhelmed that I do not post. To be honest I am still figuring out how to move past it. When in doubt I call Sharon (Insta handle: @shazzy8) and she always finds a way to push me to throw caution to the wind and just do it and remember why I started.

If we could walk a day in your shoes, what is one thing you would say to encourage us to take on a typical day in your life?
You are enough and there is only one of you! Even if many people are doing what you are doing, there is only one YOU! Just get up and do it and the rest will fall into place.

Any last words of advice to the African woman?
Baby girl, you’re everything!

By Adelaide (@captainesstreats)

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