#uncensoredbf: Panashe Magwise

#uncensoredbf: Panashe Magwise

What is your understanding of womens’ rights and feminism?  

  Firstly, my understanding of women’s rights and feminism is that they are basically the same thing. This involves women’s rights to make their own decisions without facing violence or intimidation; the right to be educated and not seen as a modern day slave; the right to equal chances of attaining a certain position in the work place. A lot more can be said, but I see it as a way of seeing men and women as being equal in society. Equity of sexes in the world,

What is your take on traditional gender roles in a relationship and/or marriage and modern-day roles

Traditionally, the woman was seen as the one who takes care of the children back at home and does all the house work and is not expected to go out and work. A man on the other hand, was expected to be the provider, the one who goes out to bring food on the table. When he returns, the woman’s job was to make sure he is well fed and taken care of.
In my opinion, the modern day roles are not clearly defined. However what I think would work very well is a notion that I have “You help me, I help you.” I believe that two people who are starting a family can help each other whenever they can: If my wife is working a bit later than usual, I can prepare the food and make sure the bedroom is well prepared for sleep. I do not have to wait for her to come back and do all the work. On that note, if I have made investments in something and my finances are low, she can pay the children’s school fees at that time and I can always spoil her bank account later on. I believe that is what helping each other is about. In a relationship/ marriage, one person is better than the other at doing certain things. When mum makes food for me, it tastes better than anyone else’s food. So I don’t expect her to cook every time but in all honesty, she just does it so well. Honestly speaking, women are so good when it comes to hospitality and all things related, so as a husband I’ll help my wife whenever I can but she just does it better, it is just God-given.

Sexual consent… Is there a grey area when it comes to the topic of
consent…for both women and men and where do you draw the line between consent and rape?

There is definitely a grey area when it comes to sexual consent. As men, we don’t really understand the concept of “No means no.” We keep probing and trying to convince the woman because that is what most of us think should be done. I think we should just respect a woman’s no. It is her body.

Friendships with exes and the opposite sex, thoughts?  

  I think friendship with exes does not exist. It creates insecurity for the current partners. There’ll always come a time when both parties have moments of weakness and begin reminiscing about some of the good times. I do not believe in friendship with an ex.
Friendship with the opposite sex is a good thing as long as the friendship is pure and healthy. Personally, I have some female friends who give very good advice about running my photography enterprise and how to grow it. Women see things differently from men and their opinions in a man’s life are definitely valuable!

What’s your understanding of the menstrual cycle, aka periods, and what are your thoughts on the various changes associated with this period?                  

   As a medical student, I am very well versed with the menstrual cycle and all the changes that are associated with it. It is a normal physiological process that women of the child bearing age go through and involves the breakdown of the lining of the uterus if pregnancy does not occur. The woman bleeds for 3-7 days after which the lining of her uterus begins proliferation again.

Lobola… Thoughts, preferences, does it have a place in today’s society, what’s the impact of new bill?    

 Lobola for me is a great thing. It is just a way of strengthening relations between two families and a time for a man to appreciate his woman. The cost should not be exorbitant but again, is there a price too great for someone you really cherish? Do not get me wrong- “price” is a metaphor and is not suggesting that we buy women. Looking back in the Bible, Jacob had to work for 14 years to get the woman he really wanted. I could go around in circles, but lobola is a good thing. In my opinion, it strengthens relations between two families. It is a sign that the man is serious about the woman. I have no problems with it; once you meet someone you really cherish, you cease to have problems with things like lobola- and that is me!
In all honesty, the new bill has no effect on lobola because lobola was never really paid in order to meet the law of the country. Lobola has always been a family thing. So people will still pay lobola regardless of it not being a requirement to register a marriage.

Biography                                                                                                                      “I am a 24-year-old medical student in his final year, a self-taught professional photographer, and a fitness enthusiast. I started my medical degree in 2015 and two years later, I discovered my hidden passion for photography. My studying of medicine and my photography have managed to change not only my perspective, but also my approach to life in an amazingly positive way. My photography and studies allow me to help people capture their happiest moments, and also help them get to good health respectively!”

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