It was just yesterday when I held a vision board party and mapped out my 2020 *If only I knew* and now we are just two nights of sleep away from screaming *Happy New Year*. I am filled with a variety of emotions as I look towards the future. This year read like a Stephen King book but we persevered. It taught us about ourselves, our relationships, and our ability to adapt to change. Never would I have imagined that we would need to wear masks, sanitize non-stop and scream our neighbor’s ears off. It brought us together and it’s okay if we didn’t crash our fitness goals or traveled around the world -we survived. As we look towards a new dawn *2021* together I have hope.

Miss Prowl

miss prowl

Just another sleep deprived university student cruising through with one-too-many cups of Rooibos Tea and a sense of humor

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