Your Phone Can Help You Study Better

Sometimes, as a student, you just can't help it. In the middle of a group discussion, whether your phone vibrates or you are just plain bored, there is this urge that hits you to get your phone from your pocket and you end up scrolling your Instagram feed or sending smiley emojis to your  BFF. If we are being honest you right up there with us and you can't get enough of your phone. We compiled the five things you can use your phone to get ahead of school. Create an Online Study Group Relax Sis, we are not saying it's…


Things You Should Avoid Doing A Makeout Sesh

Do you think you are screwing up when it comes to making out with bae? Not to worry—we’ve compiled a list of the biggest mistakes *according to our homie*  you could be making during your kissing sesh. 1. Too much tongue is a NO! Sloppy kisses are a huge turnoff, so don’t go overboard with the tongue, especially at first. To start, gently touch your tongue to your partner’s, and slowly add a little more if they seem receptive. 2. Your teeth want in on the action There are right ways to use your teeth while kissing, but aggressive biting…


Dating Mishaps

I wish i had a time  machine so i could go back in time and tell my baggy jean wearing dorky teacher's pet that 'don't try to hard' dating success isn't about you being fluent in Mandarin. I have a pretty long list of things i will never do again now but if i was sixteen I would unashamedly do, like ask my best friend to tell him that i think his heart is beating in sync with mine and his breath is so herbal and not to mention liking rugby because he played first team rugby. I  have done…


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