#TechTuesday: 5 Apps That Will Make Exam Season Bearable

My Study Life [free; Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome]My Study Life is an all-in-one must have student organizer, with scheduling and class timetabling that can sync with your calendar. The reminders notify you of incomplete tasks and upcoming classes and exams which is so amazing. It also works offline (so yippee!)Exam Countdown [free; Android, iOS]If you are so forgettable (it happens) you need this app to help you plan your studying schedule.Pocket [Android, iOS, Chrome]There is no way you can read everything on the internet, there is so much content out there and this can suck when you really need that information. Say hello…


WhatsApp Now Let’s You Decide Which Groups You Want To Join

WhatsApp has launched a new privacy feature which will stop you being added into group chats you don’t want to be a part of. The new feature will allow you to choose who can add you to groups, letting you block dodgy people or prevent annoying friends from adding you to a group. When you’ve updated the app, just open up settings and scroll to ‘account’, followed by ‘privacy’ and then ‘groups’. You will be able to choose who’s allowed to add you to groups, with three options available. If you click ‘nobody’, you will never be asked to join…


Study App: Forest

Sometimes it's hard to study *sigh* if we are being honest .We are constantly tempted to check WhatsApp messages ,social media or crush that candy crush level. But Thank God for this awesome app called Forest. Forest is an app to help you stay focused and less distracted. It works for the student who just needs to complete an assignment,study for an exam or the fella that wants to finish a book the are reading. It also appeals to the Environment Lover  ( yay trees right!?) and it's so easy to use. Once you’ve downloaded it to your phone, you…


WhatsApp extends support for older Android devices

bvEarlier this week, WhatsApp announced that it will be extending support for devices running an Android version greater than 2.3.7 until February 1, 2020. Last year, they had announced that they were going to stop support for devices running BlackBerry OS (e.g BlackBerry Curve), BlackBerry 10 (e.g BlackBerry Z10) and Nokia Symbian S60 (e.g Nokia E5) by end of 2016. This made sense because as they continue to develop their chat application, they will be add more features that some of the older devices will not be able to utilize. So it didn’t make sense for them to keep trying…


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