#uncensoredbf: Tendai Nguni

What is your understanding of womens’ rights and feminism? The way I understand women's rights is that they are the vast distance between the rights that men enjoy, and the rights that women enjoy which is pale in comparison. The right to live free from violence, slavery, discrimination, the right to the same wage for the same work, the right to the same work, the right to own property, the right to vote, just to list a few. Feminism, in my view, is the belief that women do in fact deserve these rights that the majority of men already enjoy. Essentially…


#uncensoredbf: Panashe Magwise

What is your understanding of womens’ rights and feminism?     Firstly, my understanding of women’s rights and feminism is that they are basically the same thing. This involves women’s rights to make their own decisions without facing violence or intimidation; the right to be educated and not seen as a modern day slave; the right to equal chances of attaining a certain position in the work place. A lot more can be said, but I see it as a way of seeing men and women as being equal in society. Equity of sexes in the world, What is your take on traditional gender…


Much Ado About Nothing

Weeks have gone by and it seems I’ve managed to do the bare minimum. I’ve become a master at listing things I plan to do in my head, on days I wake up feeling productive, then later cancelling them off my virtual to do list as “too much admin.”Studying for internship tops the list of things I’ve let fall through the cracks followed by getting my spiritual life in order, figuring out my side hustle and making a more conscious effort to maintain my mental health.Last week I decided to make a study timetable that Is too ambitious, a mood…


This is Prowl!

As the Prowl team, we are so excited to have our website not only back online, but with a fresh makeover! We thought this was the perfect time to rebrand and bring a fresh new look to PROWL in light of the heaviness of what's going on in the world. We are bringing you some love, light and colour to brighten each and every day with all the content we have in store for you. So what does our new logo represent?Red for Excitement- boy are we excited! The prowl team is full of enthusiastic young people that are excited…


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