3 Ways You Can Make Your Bus Ride Fun

Whether you take a combi/bus to and fro from work/campus, your combi/bus ride can be a drag but it doesn't have to with the following tips. 1. Listen to podcasts. I am a podcast addict (that's a good thing right!?) and the amazing thing about podcasts is that there; there are plenty of subject matters to float your boat: sports, documentaries, comedy, religion and even Ted Talks. 2. Read a book.  These are a perfect way to pass the time. 3. Music.  Make a playlist of your favorite songs (think Fifth Harmony, Boity, Jah Prayzah) Hope you enjoy your combi…


4 Types Of Friends Every Student Has

Nothing beats having someone that can relate to your struggles right!? But what if you have one friend that you call when all you need to do is whine about a lecturer, should you feel guilty? Heck no! These are the five friends every varsity student has. The friends From Class These are the friends you trust to give you class notes, hang out with you during lunch break and share course hacks. They are also the only ones that understand just how crazy your course load is. 2. High School friends These are the people you were inseparable with…


7 Tips For Incoming First Years

1. You DO NOT need to carry your whole room I had to learn the hard way ?. Carrying a lot of things will not help you if your room is half the size of your room at home. So do yourself a favor and carry only the essentials. 2. Anticipate getting an awful or good roommate Hey, you might get lucky and receive a great roommate, and become best friends over the year. But there is also a chance you get a roommate you may have nothing in common with and it is okay, just make the best of…


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Study Tips You Need Right Now

Studying is hard especially when it's so hot that you find yourself dozing off or quickly getting distracted. So here are a few study tips to help you get through your exams: 1. Turn your phone off (or put it on silent) This is so obvious even your mum tells you all the time right? But so many people still have their phone close by when studying and this is a bad idea. TURN YOUR PHONE OFF!I know it’s hard to be separated from your phone (like hello IG notification)  but you need to at least put it on silent if…


5 Thoughts Everyone Has While Studying for Exams

Exam week is almost here (or is here), which means it's time to gear up for those all-nighters and midnight mental breakdowns. Since you're already freaking out about exams ,here are 5 thoughts we all have while studying for exams ! 1.What's the lowest grade I can get on this exam to still pass the class? 2.  I'll just watch one episode of Riverdale. And scroll through Twitter for a bit, and check Instagram, and check my messages on Whatsapp... 3.  If I don't take a break soon, my head is going to explode. 4. I need a nap. A…


3 Unique Ways To De-stress During End Of Semester Exams

Exam week: the most dreaded week of the school year. You are faced with the challenge of keeping your grades high while praying that your skin doesn't break out and you don't lose your mind *sigh*. You may not have time to re-watch Black Panther -so how can you DE-stress ? Well we have 3 unique ways guaranteed to help you (or at least try).. Revenge Glow-Up We not talking about a full $100+ glow up but rather the student's version of glow-up. “Glow-up” can mean painting your nails, taking a hot/cold shower, styling your hair, or anything else that…


5 Tips on “How To Be A Good Roommate”

Whether you are are a first year or a seasoned varsity student that seems to have trouble getting people to stay with you, these 5 tips should help you to ace the roommate gig: 1. Be Considerate Find out what bothers your roommate and avoid doing those things. It’s a simple concept. If your roommate asks you to stop “borrowing” her clothes, then stop using her stuff. No matter how good her new jeans would look on you. 2. Keep it Together For the love of all that is good and clean, please shower, use deodorant, and brush your teeth.…


What Being Broke Taught Me

Here are 5 things I learnt when I was broke:   You actually begin to save. When you broke the thought of buying lunch or unnecessary stuff becomes as repulsive as the rotting banana peels from two months ago in an unattended rubbish man. You find yourself packing a lunch bag –and yes that spinach sandwich begins to taste like a bacon and cheese sandwich. Need vs. want You don’t realise the amount of self control you have until you are standing in front of a bath soap that cost $4.99 and you have $5.00 in your wallet and that…


Chasing In Stilettos 2017 :Venkayla Haynes

I can only sit and imagine about the type of person I would be if I didn’t experience sexual assault. A part of me was taken away and replaced with anger, depression and the limited ability to trust anyone. Sometimes, I feel like I’ll never get that piece back no matter how hard I search for it. I started getting molested at 12 years old and it carried on until I was 17 years old. The gruesome experience was over the course of 5 years, the individual was not a stranger but someone who my family trusted. It’s unfortunate that at such a young age…


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