4 Social Media Habits You Need To Break

We love our phones and that's totally norm (are you on twitter Tarie?) so here are 5 habits you need to get rid off ASAP. 1. Checking Social Media At The Dinner Table  Being on your phone while spending time with other people is RUDE.  Make the most of the time you have with loved ones. Turn your phone on silent (not vibrate) and actually listen to those you are talking to. 2. Posting Everything on Social Media  Some things are meant to be private.Y ou can't post everything from the moment you wake up to the moment you sign…


“This is the Big Brother House” – My theory on love

"The big brother house is no place for love...for the most part...you walk in, cross your fingers and hope you don't stumble or fall."-anonymous    Welcome to the Big Brother house. That's what should have been written on the welcome package i received on my first day of university. "The big brother house" would have been a better way to describe what i was walking into. This bittersweet phase of my life known as the "international collegiate experience."  Ever wondered what goes behind closed books and lax class schedules. I had not really given that some thought but fate made…



“I sat in a dark room sipping my tea staring out the window. The sky was a picture perfect grey with sun rays slowly creeping through the dark covers of night when I jumped out of my chair and screamed “I am a monkey I am a chef I am a darling “ That is two truths and a lie I am a kick-butt young woman .I have had to learn the hard way that it’s okay sometimes, but necessary, to admit that I am good at what I do.” Those are the words that I expect to read one…


August 9, Dude Where Is My Head?

Dear Friend I am too exhausted to give full account of  the weekend.Just  did the occasional study and more research . I fell asleep during dinner .Woke up with my head stuck in a bowl of soup . It was hilarious but my humor has dozed off. Am going to sleep right now,too exhausted too even tell you about my experience yesterday. Love A!  


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