Get Rid Of Your Hangover With These Yummy Hacks

  Hangovers are the worst and can we agree that they suck but the wild night out is worth it sometimes. So we compiled your hangover cure guide ? A banana milkshake. Simply blend a banana with ½ cup of milk and a couple of ice cubes. This mix doesn’t just soothe the stomach with a calming thick presence, it also replaces electrolytes and potassium and is high in vitamin B.   A can of coca cola. The fizz calms the raging hangover nausea, the liquid content replenishes the water lost and the caffeine and sugar hit gives that jolt of…


Niall Horan drops sexy new single Slow Hands

‘Fingertips putting on a show.’ Good grief Niall. The 1D lad has dropped his new single Slow Hands and it’s giving Zayn’s Pillowtalk a run for its money with its sexiness. ‘Back sweat dripping down the dirty laundry,’ he sings. Lovely. He told Dan Wootton at The Sun: ‘We just made up a concept around a sexy night out, meeting up with a girl in this club and hoping she’s going to come home with me. ‘It surprised me, to be honest. This is the most out-there song on the album. I wanted to try something different. ‘When it started…


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