Pity Party for Two Please?

I’m 23 and it looks like I should have my life figured out by now. I look around and all I see is my summa cum laude graduated highschool classmates, stable relationships, God is in control type post all over my news feed, Its almost like Their faith, love life and academinc life all got brewed up into a pot of merriment and success and what am i doing, I am a college dropout doing educational time in one of the oddest places in the world. I’m not even sure when my last honest prayer was. I say too much…


#WHM: Mohlale Sehoole

Naletšana Mohlale Sehoole is a young fashion designer from Jansen Park in Boksburg, South Africa who studied fashion at the London International School Of Fashion (LISOF) but due to unforseen circumstances, she did not complete her studies as anticipated. She has always felt that fashion is an intuitive production and she set out to ‘hone her intuition’ through finding her voice through the work of her hands. While she is still working on the development of her brand Mohlale by Mohlale, she is currently working in collaboration with MAC cosmetics as a retail make-up artist. Speaking about her brand, Mohlale…


#WHM: Thabile Chonco

Thabile Lucia Chonco is a young, 23 year old from Protea Glen in Soweto (South Africa) who describes herself as an opinionated, hard-working introvert, who has a gentle soul and a huge lover of lounge and deep house music. She is a Bachelor of Law (LLB, University of the Witwatersrand) and Master of Law (LLM, University of the Western Cape) graduate, who currently interns at The National Treasury’s Office of the Accountant General’s Directorate. As a law graduate, much like many others, she was taught to believe that she can only be an attorney or advocate with her law degree.…


#WHM: Amanda Jacobs

Thamsanqa Amanda Jacobs is a 24 year old young lady from the far East of Johannesburg in a township called Tsakane. She is a full-time writer, poet and spoken word performing artist. This is her 5th year as a performer and has since been trying to secure her space within the arts industry and working towards “breaking the stereotypes surrounding one’s talent not being sufficient to pay the bills and that, one cannot survive on their dreams.” She feels it’s hard to be an artist, especially one from a black society because you tend to be considered as ‘unsuccessful’, as…


#WHM: Kgomotso Mahlong

Kgomotso Mahlong is a 20 year old, Accounting student at the University of Johannesburg, who is born and bred in Ga-Mashashane, Limpopo. She is the founder of Sponsor An African Child (SAAC), which is a Non-Profit Organisation founded in October 2015, with a vision of restoring the dignity of Africans from poverty-stricken families through various campaigns. SAAC also runs Sponsor A Girl Child, which is “a campaign that focuses on empowering and equipping the girl child and women with the tools they need to be the best they can possibly be. It focuses on the donation of sanitary products, such…


#WHM: Cleopatra Rakgantsho

Cleopatra Rakgantsho is a young, medical researcher in training, who hails from Pretoria (South Africa). She has a special interest in Neuroscience. Her current research is based on how epilepsy develops from childhood, and she is especially proud of her work, as she believes it to be quite novel in a South African context when looking at the fact that work still remains to be done in developing a brain institute in SA. She expresses how passionate she is about the black African child, as she thinks there is so much potential to be harnessed from this pool and the…



I often would lounge on my couch and ask myself ‘how many shades of black are there in the world? How can I be black when I don’t compare to the colour of the Kango pot in my ambuya’s kitchen?’ I have met my share of black women –petite, curvaceous, smart and bilingual .Looking out to the world at the vastness of black women in my city-I hated being described as a shade of black when I assumed that I was brown (according to the colour codes my pre-school teacher gave me) and I hated being called a ‘coconut too’…



Someone wise once said "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." My name is Deon Mazvita Mururami, it is with this premise that i find myself with love for giving the young girls who have had it hard in life a chance at being great. I feel that once u give them an opportunity you have reduced the chances of poverty and HIV on a large scale. Empower our young girls, teach them to work with their own hands and stand on their own,…



To be able to share my story on Prowl is such a privilege that I greatly appreciate. From the young age of eight, I had my mind set on being pilot. My first inspiration came from Captain Emily Njovani, who was part of the flight crew on an Air Zimbabwean flight to the United Kingdom in 2002, she inspired me to become a pilot when she invited us to the cockpit. Growing up, my family thought I would eventually change my mind. All the way through high school, my subject choices where guided by my dream to become a pilot.…

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