Diaspora Festival Initiative, ZimThrive, Launches

An international initiative to unite Zimbabweans who live in the diaspora in April 2020 has been announced, with preparations underway to bring a whole month of business, sports, arts, entertainment, fashion and cultural events across Zimbabwe in April 2020. ZimThrive, the brainchild of two Zimbabweans; USA based Mildred Munjanganja and Mike Tashaya who resides in the UK, has been established to unite Zimbabweans who live in various countries around the world, and encourage them to gather in the southern African country at the same time, with the aim of reinforcing unity, building new and old friendships, and creating a stronger…


#Giveaway: Rudo Pack Nominations Now Open

As joyful as graduation can be, the inevitable “broke & unemployed” is a real drag. Not to forget the feeling of inadequacy every time you open your suitcase on campus. To help fight off the feelings of dread Prowl is giving away #MupeRudo Bathroom essential packs. Our Rudo Packs provide vulnerable young women and sometimes men with much-needed products to help them in hard times. Our Rudo Packs Recipients are through nomination by self ,friends or family. Our 2019 March Recipient Nomination form is now available. Fill it honestly and may the luck of the Irish be with you. Nominations…


PD The Ghost releases ‘Trust The Process’

PD The Ghost has released his album ? after serving us with a bunch of singles. Uhmmm go PD ? And it has some strong features including, GZE, Nutty O, Myke Pimp, Simba Tagz, Courtney Antipas and more. And gotta love the album cover. It is too adobs! And if you want to download it click here -> http://www.mediafire.com/file/22fhi627w5fded3/Pd+TheGhost+-+Trust+The+Process.zip


Zimbabwe women edge Ireland in first T20

Zimbabwe women’s cricket held their nerves to record a five wicket victory in the first Twenty20 match against Ireland with two balls to spare at Newlands Country Club. After having won the toss and chosen to field Zimbabwe had to wait until the end of the fifth over to get rid of Una Raymond-Hoey with the score on 30. She as on 13. Captain May Waldron kept things together until she fell off the bowling of Anesu Mushangwe for 34 with Ireland on 71-3. A big score was still possible but the Zimbabwean bowls held things back as well as …



There is only a couple of months left until the spectacle of the year, Shoko Festival 2017, which is scheduled to run from September 29 to October 2 at Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences for the first two days, and Chitungwiza for the last day of the show. Now, amidst all the excitement and preparations for this annual arts and culture fiesta, Festival organizers have finally revealed the long anticipated theme for this show, “YOUTOPIA”. Who would have guessed it right? Well, the concept behind this year’s theme is to celebrate the individual and what the concept of Utopia means to…



It was early last week ,while doing the lazy girl activity of group chat perusing I have come to love so well,that I stumbled upon Wagwan's App's Ad .At first glance it seemed like another epic fashion designer's failed attempt of making designer wear -forgive me I had just seen the sneakers .My small mind wanted to scroll down and keep reading on about some failed celebrity's marriage till the word APP called out to the geek in me that is .I had always been of the school of thought that no one was going to build an app for…



I remember watching a certain movie and learning something about how the dating world is a game of musical chairs. According to this concept after a certain age all the decent guys and girls are either married, dead or have discovered that they bat for the other team. This means then that after this certain age you will find yourself wanting to be in a stable relationship but unable to get into one because it's a game of musical chairs and you my friend have been left standing. I would like to say that this concept does not bother me…

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Up for the challenge, down for the dare!

Prowlmag_daretodare challenge I woke up one morning and decided i did not want to be just another oxygen inhaling earth inhabitant. My college experience had to amount to more than just good grades and a clean record. The first step towards that was to surround myself with the people who encouraged me to be the best version of me that i could be. Shout out to my roommate from second year (among others) who had to sit through my countless one-sided  life altering deep and meaningful conversations about nothing and everything. The thing that they never tell you though when…



When I got my first visit from Aunt Flo, I cried. I was terrified of the impending doom that awaited me in the near future. My small mind couldn’t comprehend how wearing an extra weight in my panties would certify growing up. Just a few months before, while going on about my business, I had overheard some girls talking about cramps. The way they described cramps –made it seem like a consequence of human negligence on your body and from that day on I was terrified of the monthly visitor that I wanted to pack my luggage, board a plane…



I am the classic example of the "know it all." This is probably owing to my extensive library which holds some of the most convincing accounts of life and the world at large. But like all fictional Novels, these books have a gross lack of accuracy in their reconciliation of the real world and the world we readers walk into the moment we turn to the first page of a novel. My acquired knowledge extends from knowing how to "FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT," to "HOW TO TRAIN A DRAGON." So when my dad decided to give me a…


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